The reason, the idea and the team behind Vizdesk.

Vizdesk will bring in a lot of ease, organization and a bit of style to the way you welcome and manage your visitors with every single inch of usability and goodness. Vizdesk – know thy visitor.

We’ve waited, sometimes endlessly, at lobbies and receptions. We’ve gotten our hands dirty by pointlessly signing our names and entering our numbers on dusty, worn-out, ugly-looking registers – which made us think, why not do something radical for visitor management? Why not build something that captures a visitor’s attention the moment they step in and, while doing this, enhance the overall experience of a visitor?

A few hours of brainstorming and a few cups of coffee later, the concept of Vizdesk was born. Vizdesk, managing your visitors in a simple, elegant and highly efficient way. We don’t want to go out with all guns blazing and make tall claims about Vizdesk being a revolutionary product that will turn your world upside down.